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How to feed your kids 2 and 5

Harian to ensure your child gets their daily dose of fruit and vege.

Fruit and vegetables can be hard to sneak into your kids’ diets. Here are some tipsMost parents know kids should be eating two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day. But few know how to meet that requirement.

The last National Nutrition Survey was in 1995, and the results were woeful. Smaller, more recent studies continue to highlight a frightening shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables in children’s diets. A 2007 study of 4440 kids found that between the ages of four and eight, just 60 per cent ate adequate amounts of fruit, and only 22 per cent consumed enough vegetables.

And that was the good news – because by the age of 16, only one per cent met the fruit and veg recommendations.

The Federal Government introduced the Go For 2&5 fruit and vegetable campaign in April 2005. Since then, however, Dietitians Association of Australia spokeswoman Clare Evangelista fears awareness has increased, but not consumption.

“Eating healthily is not always easy, but it is important. It requires parents to think about how to include more fruit and vegetables in the family diet – but cookbooks and the internet are great for that,” she says. “Most people understand how to incorporate fruit into their diet – it’s the five serves of vegetables they find harder to achieve. It can simply be a case of rethinking what we do with vegetables. You don’t have to throw all five serves on your kids’ plates at dinner or pack four cups of salad into their sandwich.”

There are various reasons why our fruit and vegetable consumption remains well below healthy levels, with perceived cost and preparation time probably topping the list for many families.

Vegetables need to be peeled, chopped and often cooked and pre-prepared convenience foods claim to provide kids with everything they need.

Evangelista disagrees that fresh fruit and vegetables are more expensive, citing a recent study that found fresh alternatives are actually cheaper than processed foods with similar ingredients.

Expert tip: One serve of fruit or vegetables is equivalent to what fits in your child’s hand.

She suggests the following tips

  • Demonstrate good eating behaviours yourself. Studies have shown kids mimic their parents’ eating habits.
  • Get vegies into lunch boxes. Try adding creamed corn or baked beans to wraps and include carrot or celery sticks with hummus or cherry tomatoes.
  • Use “stealth” vegetables. While hiding vegies isn’t ideal, it can increase kids’ intake while affording a taste for them – add grated carrot or zucchini, pureed broccoli, steamed spinach or even lentils to soups, stews and pasta sauces.
  • Cook together. Involve children in food shopping, fruit and veg selection and meal preparation.
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Why eating for the seasons is important how seasonal produce improves your health.

Before we started the mass import and exportation of goods a few decades ago, we had no choice but to eat seasonally. That’s all that was available. We had watermelons in summer, when it was hot, and root vegetables in winter. It makes sense, as watermelon will cool us down in the heat of summer and root vegetables are made into soups or roasted – keeping us warm in the cool.

These days though, you can pretty much buy anything you want all year around in a supermarket, as it’s more than likely been imported. But learn from farmers’ markets: if it’s not available, chances are it’s not in season – a good sign you’re not meant to be eating it then anyway.

Understanding what your body needs will not only improve the health of our planet, but yours as well. Eastern medicine and philosophies have understood the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit for centuries, but only recently has it found its way into Western lives.

What to eat in autumn

Just as the leaves start to lose their moisture so do we, both internally and externally. We will likely experience drier skin, coughs, dandruff and constipation. To prevent or reduce these symptoms, eat foods that nourish and moisten, such as nuts and seeds and their oils (tahini, olive, almond and flax oil), wholegrains like barley and millet, and apples, pears and avocado. Foods that build up our blood in preparation for winter are figs, pears, pumpkin, and beetroot. The flavour associated with the lungs is pungent so ginger and wasabi are especially helpful during this season.

Seasonal eating guide

Seasonal eating guide

Our organs will be sensitive in a particular season: each has a related taste and emotion.

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Mum's the word

Harian four very special mums and their unique family units.

Four inspiring women share their thoughts and experiences on being a mum and reveal their plans for Mother's Day.

Amanda Green is mum to Robbie, 24, who has autism, and Camilla, 22

When you have a child with autism, every day can present different challenges. I try to rejoice in what Robbie can do rather than focus on things he finds difficult. He is an amazing photographer, has an interesting perspective of the world and a great sense of humour.

Camilla is academically strong with a creative side as well. One of her biggest achievements though, is being a generous, caring sister. A great joy for me is seeing my children interact with each other.

Robbie needs special care and management but these challenges pale into insignificance when I consider the challenges he confronts every day. Being calm and patient is key. Humour helps enormously.

People tend to judge parents when they see a child exhibiting inappropriate behaviour. I would like them to spare a thought that the behaviour may be due to the condition and have nothing to do with parenting skills.

This Mother's Day Camilla and David have arranged a special lunch and I am hoping Robbie will make one of his chocolate cakes for dessert.

Melanie O'Shanassy is a single mum to twin girls, Frances and Tully, aged three

Being a mum is a gift. I am constantly amazed at the things my kids do and say. They are strong little independent women and it's fascinating to watch them grow.

It's taken a few years, though. I was so tired as a new mother that I can honestly say I wasn't that gone on motherhood. I struggled with so much of it. To say I was overwhelmed would have been an understatement. But now, I get so much pleasure from hearing the girls giggle together, or seeing their artwork, or listening to the funny little comments they make.

This Mother's Day I am going to start making a cubby house for my girls, then we are all going to Grandma's for tea. Should be good.

Harriet Moutsopoulos has been a foster mum for just over a year. In this time she has cared for 25 children

Being a foster mum is about helping children in crisis and it's very gratifying to be able to make a difference. The assistance we offer is so simple - we just give them food, safety and love.

The biggest challenge is trying to provide them with skills in a short space of time. We build their confidence and help them understand the difference between right and wrong. When they leave us, we always send them off with puffa jackets so that wherever they go, they're warm.

Foster children are no different to any other children. All children are innocent and need the same things. Sometimes people's first instinct is to blame the parents, but you can't pass judgment.

We have three kids with us at the moment and our plan for Mother's Day is to go to my mum's house and make a mess over there! The kids have made pictures and posters for her. They can't be with their own mum this Mother's Day so it will be all about them and making sure they're happy.

Donna Rackley is a mum of six; Simone, 21, Kimberley, 19, Bethany, 8, Karla, 6, Ethan, 3 and Brayden, 2

It's a lot of fun having a big family. The more children you have, the more confidence you gain as a mother. I always wanted to have children from a young age and having the last two in my late thirties, I can really feel the difference. I haven't got the patience and energy I did when I was younger.

People often ask how I can afford to have so many children, but it's not that hard. I love to cook at home and really, what's a few extra potatoes or carrots? Going out for dinner is expensive but the financial aspect is not as big a burden as you'd think.

For me, being a mum is about developing love and friendship with my kids. You do have to learn to speak on different levels, though. The way you speak to a 21-year-old is very different to the way you speak to a two-year-old.

My daughter Kimberley is about to have a baby, so I will be spending Mother's Day celebrating the birth of my first grandchild. I can't wait.

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Egypt protests turn deadly as police open fire on crowds, death toll rises above 70

Three Egyptian protesters were killed and others wounded Saturday when police in downtown Cairo opened fire on a massive crowd demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

The bursts of gunfire came as protesters numbering in the tens of thousands stormed the Interior Ministry one day after Egypt's embattled president refused to voluntarily end his 30-year reign.

"We don't want him!" the demonstrators shouted as a rogue Army captain shredded a photo of the president. "We will go after him!"

Protesters were seen carrying the fatally wounded victims out on their shoulders from the huge anti-government demonstrations sweeping through the Egyptian capital.

The 82-year-old Mubarak, in a sign that he could step down, appointed a vice president Saturday for the first time during his three-decade rule.

Omar Suleiman, the president's confidante and intelligence head, could replace Mubarak - who had previously groomed his son Gamal as his successor. Many Egyptians were opposed to the concept of presidency by birthright.

Suleiman also shared a military background with Mubarak, a vital consideration since all four Egyptian presidents since the 1952 toppling of the monarchy came from the armed forces.

Mubarak's decision came after demonstrators defied the government-imposed 4 p.m. curfew for a second straight day as the protests stretched into day five.

A police station in the Giza neighborhood of Cairo was burned to the ground by protesters who pulled down Egyptian flags before setting the building ablaze.

An Egyptian soldier tries to prevent demonstrators from throwing stones. Longari/AFP

The latest killings raised the death toll to 74, with more than 2,000 injuries reported, The Associated Press reported. The number of arrests reportedly climbed above 1,000.

Reuters reported that the Egyptian army drove off protesters attacking a suburban office of the Central Bank after they tried to smash their way inside with wooden planks.

The hundreds of protesters fled once tanks arrived and soldiers fired warning shots into the air.

Army tanks guarded government buildings in the city of 18 million people as Mubarak struggled to maintain control.

Egyptians help a fellow demonstrator after fainting from tear gas. Longari/AFP

Harian tough-talking Mubarak tried to mollify the citizenry by firing his cabinet - but President Obama made it clear it will take more than that to sway global opinion.

In a 30-minute call to his ally, Obama demanded Mubarak take "concrete steps" to improve human rights and curb violence against the demonstrators.

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Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have baby boy

Penelope Cruz baby Javier Bardem (right) celebrates after wife Penelope Cruz gave birth

However, she and Bardem have yet to choose a name for their new arrival.

Penelope Cruz baby Penelope Cruz: Proud new mum

Harian’s mother, younger brother and sister Monica, along with her actor boyfriend Alex Gonzalez, were present at the birth, according to Spanish magazine Hola!

And Bardem’s mother flew out from Madrid on Monday to meet her new grandson.

More: Penelope Cruz's Pirates 4 scenes 'changed' to hide baby bump

Cruz, 36, had been planning to have her baby in Madrid, where the couple live, but changed her mind after spending Christmas in LA and deciding she wanted her child to have dual nationality.

The birth marked the start of a great few days for 41-year-old Bardem – originally from Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands – who on Tuesday discovered he had been nominated for a best actor Oscar for his role in Biutiful.

Cruz and Bardem started dating after working together on Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2007.

The pair, who had been friends for more than 12 years, married in a low-key ceremony in the Bahamas last July.

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Korean musicians leading a new wave

Harian band Super Junior performs at Nanjing Olympic Stadium in China last December as part of its Asian concert tour. Around 10,000 people gathered for the concert. The popularity of the Korean wave is allowing Korean bands to create new markets for pop music. Provided by SM Entertainment

Impact Arena, a large 12,000-seat concert venue in Bangkok, was full on Nov. 13 for Mnet's Ultimate Live in Asia, a global concert series organized by Mnet Media.

Fans screamed as Korean pop groups such as the Wonder Girls, 2PM, Beast and Four Minute appeared on stage. The crowd of mostly Thai citizens cheered and sang along to the Korean songs.

Ticket sales for the event had soared to 1 billion won ($869,000), according to Mnet Media.

This scene was a repeat of a concert by K-pop group Super Junior last December, in which the stadium was packed with around 10,000 people. The concert, at Nanjing Olympic Stadium in China, was part of the same series.

Mnet Ultimate Live in Asia, which started in August in Taiwan, is a vehicle for concerts by major Korean groups. Each concert has had attendance of more than 10,000 and each has brought in sales of at least 600 million won.

The concert series, and the huge crowds it attracts, provides strong evidence of the growing popularity of Korean bands that are blazing trails into new music markets throughout Asia.

With the downturn in the domestic music industry, Korean entertainment management agencies are focusing on organizing concerts overseas. And their concerts are selling out in Asia and beyond.

This year, Super Junior held a total of eight concerts in China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia. The total attendance from these concerts is estimated at 100,000 and, with a ticket price of about 80,000 won each, sales from the concerts are estimated at approximately 8 billion won.

The Wonder Girls, which entered the U.S. market last year, held 27 concerts in North America this year. And Girls' Generation drew audiences of 20,000 at a showcase in Tokyo in August. The group formally entered the Japanese market in early October, hitting first place on the Oricon chart, the Japanese version of Billboard.

Choi Sung-wook, an administrative manager with Mnet Media, said that concerts in other countries provide new opportunities.

"Concerts held throughout Asia can be a new market for Korean musicians", he said.

Groups that have not yet made a formal entry into overseas markets are also doing well. SHINee has already sold out of tickets at a 24,000-seat venue in Tokyo for a concert on Dec. 26, even though they have yet to make a formal debut in that country.

This wave sweeping through Asia is not just for up-and-coming K-pop groups. Even veteran musicians have benefited from the popularity of Korean music overseas.

Lee Moon-sae, who started his career in 1978, held a solo concert in Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Japan, this September that attracted 2,000 people.

Shin Seung-hoon, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary in the music business this year, is targeting the U.S. and Australian markets, building on his previous success in Japan.

And it's not just the live shows that are reigniting interest in Korean music.

Mnet's Asian Music Awards, which were held in Macau on Sunday, were shown live in a four-hour telecast in 13 countries on stations like TDM in Macau, GMM in Thailand and SCTV in Vietnam.

The Golden Disc Awards, sponsored by local daily Ilgan Sports, will be streamed live on MSN in seven Asian countries on Dec. 9.

By Chung Kang-hyun

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Chevrolet HHR Review

Harian (Heritage High Roof) is a retro styled Sports Utility Vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet division of General Motors. This vehicle was first launched in 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show as a 2006 model. This vehicle shares General Motors’s Delta Platform with Pontiac G5, Chevrolet Cobalt, Saturn Astra and Saturn Ion. Chevrolet HHR is manufactured in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico and this vehicle is available in North America and HHR is also exported to Japan. This vehicle is awarded with Best SUV for 2006 and 2007 from Golden Icon. National based pricing of 2010 Chevrolet HHR is around $ 18, 720 which excludes destination charges.

Trim Levels and Options:

2010 Chevrolet HHR is offered with for wheel drive option. This retro styled vehicle is available in two different body styles which include traditional four drive five passenger wagon and two seat panel van. Panel Van is offered with windowless rear cargo panel doors, cargo floor storage, windowless rear cargo panel and 40 amp power plug for electronic equipment. This vehicle is available in three levels of trims which include Chevrolet HHR LS, Chevrolet HHR LT and Chevrolet HHR SS.

Chevrolet HHR LS Base trim is installed with 16 inch steel wheel, cruise control, powerful Air Conditioner, Keyless entry, split foldable rear seat, ON-Star, audio system with six Speakers, CD/MP3 Player, AUX-IN pin and Satellite Radio, flat and foldable front passenger seat and full power accessories.

Mid Range Chevrolet HHR LT trim contains two sub trim levels which include 1LT and 2LT. 1LT sub trim is offered with power driver seat, remote ignition and 16 inch wheel. 2LT sub-trim level is offered with front fog lights, 17 inch alloy wheels, leather wrapped steering wheel with audio controls mounted, pioneer audio system with seven speakers and a Subwoofer, 17 inch chrome alloy wheel and color keyed running board.

Top trim Chevrolet HHR SS trim is offered with standard audio system with six speakers and also available with Pioneer audio system as optional feature, sports tuned suspension system, powerful turbo charged engine, unique exterior styling, 18 inch alloy wheel and two toned interior fabrics.

Basic trim level Chevrolet HHR LS model is offered with few optional features which include rooftop, rear spoilers and luggage rack. 1LT is added with chrome wheels, leather upholstery, sunroof, heated front seats, fog lights, USB and Bluetooth ports for external connectivity. Pioneer audio system is optional for both 1LT and SS trim. Additionally SS trim can be fitted with brembo front disc and limited slip differential.

Engine and Performance:

Chevrolet HHR buyers can choose from three different variants. The engine offered with LS, mid range 1LT trim includes 2.2 L capacity V4 engine and 2LT is offered with 2.4 L capacity engine which is capable of generating 172 HP of power and 167 lb-ft of torque and this power train is available as an option for 1LT trim. Both engine variants are offered with five speed manual transmission and four speed automatic transmission as an option.

Chevrolet HHR SS trim is offered with 2.0 L capacity engine with four cylinders which cranks out 260 HP of power and 260 lb-ft of torque when mated with five speed manual gear box and when this engine produces 250 HP of power and 222 lb-ft of torque when mated with optional four speed automatic gear transmission.


  • Base Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Base Engine Size: 2.2 liters
  • Base Engine Type: Inline 4
  • Horsepower: 155 HP
  • Max Horsepower: 6100 RPM
  • Torque: 150 ft-pounds
  • Max Torque: 4800 RPM
  • Maximum Towing Capacity: 1000 Pounds
  • Drive Type: FWD
  • Turning Circle: 36 feet


  • City: 22 MPG
  • Highway: 32 MPG
  • Combined: 26 MPG

Design and Special Features:

2010 Chevrolet HHR is offered with high scores for its attractive and quiet passenger cabinchesBoth front and rear passenger seats are offered with ample head and leg room. Interior is offered with standard cloth upholstery and interior is also available with optional leather materials. Front passenger seat is foldable which creates additional cargo space for flat loads. Dashboard is decorated with easy to read gauges, climate and stereo controls are spontaneous and outward visibility is very good on wagon model. Some of interior spaces are offered with relatively cheap plastic material.


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